RoboICSI Team was at KISAR 2018 at Hotel Le Meridien, Bangalore on July 14th and 15th. There was a presentation and a two day stall at the venue for RoboICSI. A soft-demo setup of the device was kept at the stall were anyone could have a hands on experience of the device.

Many keen doctors, embryologists, clinicians, scientists visited the stall and used the device to get a feel of the product. Lot of questions, suggestions, feedback were given by the visitors.

There was also a quiz conducted by the team for the visitors. The quiz was very simple were they had to grade a given oocyte image. The idea behind the quiz was to make them understand that how easy it will be to grade the oocytes using the RoboICSI Dashboard. A special goody was given to all participants. It was a Petri dish holder, which also works in the same principle as RoboICSI – “compliant mechanism”.We had 20 enthusiastic visitors who took up the quiz.

RoboICSI team had a very attractive offer of providing the Dashboard free for first 6 months for all the visitors who had signed up with RoboICSI at KISAR. There was a total of 35 people who had signed up for the free Dashboard. The username passwords were sent to them the very next day.

These are few photos from the event:

Dr. Santosh Bhargav presenting about RoboICSI at KISAR 2018


RoboICSI Team at the stall


Dr. Ramnath Babu at the stall, explaining about the device



RoboICSI Soft-demo setup


RoboICSI goody for all quiz participants






At ESHRE 2018, RoboICSI team had a wonderful experience by presenting in front of the enthusiastic audiences. After the presentation there was a soft-demo session of the device ,were many keen audiences came forward to explore and have a Hands on experience of the product.

These are few images from ESHRE 2018 Barcelona, Spain



Dr. Santosh Bhargav, interacting with the audiences at the soft-demo session


            Dr. Ramnath Babu presenting about RoboICSI at ESHRE 2018