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Respect the hormones


There is a lot of procedure that has to be followed before the ICSI process. In the initial stage female are given drugs to boost the egg supply by taking fertility hormone called as gonadotrophin. This increases the number of eggs produced. Some women experience ovarian hyper-stimulation syndrome (OHSS) because of the hormone stimulating drug.

If the eggs are produced in an increased amount this will lead to low ovarian reserve. RoboICSI can predict the egg state and stability at the oocyte retrieval stage. This will reduce the dosage of the hormones given to female for increasing the egg count. Eggs collected can also be reduced as we will know the properties of eggs way before the ICSI process.

Quicker way to ace ICSI

Novice embryologists:

The conventional ICSI needs a lot of patience and dexterity. A novice embryologists find it challenging to fix and align the holding pipette. They may tend to break the holding pipette which is made up of glass if it is got closer to the ICSI plate. The precise plane should be achieved without breaking the holding pipette. The broken pieces will be hazardous if found in the ICSI plate. The entire plate has to be then disposed which will also contain the eggs.


The amount of pressure given to hold the egg is also a very important parameter. If too much pressure is given then the eggs might get damaged or ICSI will fail if there is no enough pressure applied.


RoboICSI is made up of a soft and bio compatible material that will be in contact with the eggs during the ICSI process. It is a not fragile which will not break even if it touches the ICSI plate which makes the embryologist to on-board easily with RoboICSI.

Say Bye to the suction pump which controls the pressure in conventional ICSI because RoboICSI works on a NO-PRESSURE method. Even if more actuation than required is given to grip the eggs there will be no damage caused to the eggs which has been proven by RoboICSI.

Spend Less, Earn More

IVF Clinics:

RoboICSI will be replacing the entire left manipulator with more efficient and compatible setup for a much lower cost compared to the present manipulators in clinics. Thus, will reduce the money spent by the clinics on purchasing the manipulators.

RoboICSI can handle more samples in fewer time which means more cases for a day.